No matter what we’re doing in life we all know from experience that there might just be a better way to do it or at least a quicker way. We also all know that we don’t know everything (our mums taught us that) so why not have a look through what we’ve got here and see if there’s a Life Hack to help you or your mum. If you want teach us something new (which means you probably are a mum) just join us and let us know.



Use a soft cloth with a little toothpaste to clear up hazy headlights on your car.


Use a clean dustpan to fill a bucket or container that won’t fit under the tap.


Here’s a clever trick. When you’re booking a flight for two people book the window seat and an aisle seat. If the flight isn’t fully booked you’ll probably end up with the middle seat free and a whole bunch of extra space to your self. People rarely book the middle seat if they’re flying alone and if someone does, they’re very likely to swap with you.

Growing any of these plants in your garden will help keep midges and mosquitoes away: they hate them. Lemongrass, Thyme, Garlic, Marigolds, Lemon Balm, Lemon Thyme, Basil, Catnip, Rosemary.


Champagne gone flat and lost its bubbliness? Drop in a raisin and watch the bubbles come bouncing back.



Kiwi fruit contains a carotinoid called lutein that can actually improve your eyesight. They have also been linked with blood pressure treatments that help to prevent blood clots.

Looking for an effective way to kill weeds without resorting to those chemical weed killers that damage the environment? Try white vinegar instead. The acid in the vinegar is more effective and more environmentally sound than the shop bought nasties. Simply pour the vinegar into your spray bottle and douse those pesky blighters on a dry day. Don’t spray your other plants though as the vinegar works just as well on them!

Kill-Weeds-With-Vinegar-Step-2 (1)